Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2018 Folklorama Ambassador.

Closing date for applications is
February 28th, 2018

Folklorama Ambassador Interviews
You may be asked to attend an Ambassador Interview.
Candidates can expect to be asked general questions about United Kingdom culture and their involvement in cultural groups and Folklorama.


U.K. Pavilion Ambassador Application





























U.K. Pavilion Ambassador Application
Ambassador Position *
Were you born in the United Kingdom
Do you have immediate family members from the U.K?
Are you a member of a cultural or performing group representing the U.K.?
Have you volunteered at Folklorama in the past?
I understand Ambassadors are required to attend approximately 10 mandatory Folklorama events (from May to August).
I understand Ambassadors must be present at the pavilion for the entire week of the festival (Aug 12 - 18th, 2018) from opening to closing each night.
I understand Ambassadors from the United Kingdom pavilion are required to represent and tour other pavilions during the 1st week of the festival (August 5 - 11th, 2018).
I understand Ambassadors must represent the United Kingdom pavilion in a proper and respectful manner at all times.
I understand Ambassadors are required to wear appropriate cultural attire to all Folklorama events. Cultural attire must be approved by the pavilion coordinator and must represent the United Kingdom countries.
I understand Ambassadors are responsible for providing cultural tours and hospitality to visitors from other pavilions. Knowledge of many aspects of United Kingdom culture, including history, music and dance, and food is essential as well as familiarity with the pavilion cultural area.
I understand Ambassadors are expected to socialize with VIPs during their visits.
I am willing to attend Ambassador training sessions
I understand ambassadors may be asked to attend additional media promotion and could be featured on television, radio, or social media.
Will you be taking part in the Ambassador General Competition?